Editorial staff is renewed

Marine Mulcey, Alexis Demoment, Laurine Benjebria, Translated by Emmanuelle Blénet
22 Février 2016

Editorial staff is renewed
Freedom of expression taking a hit and all-out waves of violence striking around the world … 2015 was a challenging year. Facing these despicable acts, the fear of the unknown seems to have settled in. This leads to feelings of unease about what is foreign to us. Within this context, Le Journal International is visibly affected, but holds on, taking its task of informing you on the world's news seriously.

Editors, illustrators, translators, proofreaders and assistant directors are having a great time continuing to put together articles that you enjoy reading. Let's continue to publish objective, well-thought-out news, which will not be influenced negatively by its immediacy. Let's continue to be an internationally-oriented news website thanks to the help of our several foreign correspondents armed with their pens and cameras, and of our strong team based in France. To satisfy your need for information, we offer news coming from all corners of the world.

One management team goes away in search of new adventures, a new one takes its place. That's the way of the world, constantly renewing itself. We are three ambitious and idealistic young journalists who have chosen to gloriously continue the work of our predecessors. The news website remains the same, carried forwards by this new dynamic.

We wish to expand your horizons and our scope for action giving the floor each time to more and more editors. Scattered throughout the world, they are dedicated to delivering original, relevant news which is otherwise mostly forgotten. Our ambition will not stop. We will turn our attention to new areas that are yet to be conquered.

We have the will. It's up to you, our readers and friends, to follow us!