A tailor-made shield for indian penises

Florence Carrot, translated by Julie Richard
3 Juillet 2013

In India, the size of condoms is discussed. A recent study shows that Indian men wouldn’t have the same “weapons” as the other men on Earth. While some argue that this is a violation of privacy, others confirm that this study will finally be of use to adapt contraception to Indian features.

A tailor-made shield for indian penises
In 2006, Damian Grammaticus was revealing on the BBC that “condoms are too big for Indian penises”. 
Indeed, international standards didn’t take into account the specificities of this Far East country. After 2 years of study and more than a thousand volunteers tested, Indian men (about 60%) would find themselves with a penis width from 3 to 5 cm smaller than the global scale. The idea is not to point out the men of the land of the Kama Sutra, but to reveal the threat of such unsuitable condoms. India, which would have the highest rate of aids in the world according to the Reuters, should face this disproportion in order to look after the wellbeing of its male inhabitants who, often ashamed, don’t dare asking for a protection which fits their needs and prefer to keep having unprotected sexual relations.
The problem is that this study raised some questions among the Indian men concerning their skills in bed, making them doubt about their performances. The physicist called “Doc Gurley” reveals that this study would have been made for men having sex with other men. When asked, most of them said their partners fully satisfied them. Sunil Merah, editor of the Indian version of the men’s magazine Maxim, confirms his words in several interviews testifying that “despite this size problem, which isn’t a real problem in itself, Indian men get by perfectly well, regardless of their sexual orientation”. Times of India extends the study in an article written by Biben Laikhuram where the different condoms available on the market are introduced as the new ways of getting pleasure through harmless sex. CondomKing website provides different types adapted to the Indian sizes which can be ordered online unashamedly. 
You know, the main point is to be efficient and I can ensure you that I am fully satisfied, I don’t care if I have a “small penis” according to international standards, I come from the land where positions are more important than the size, needless to say that we manage! But it is true that adapting condoms to better appropriated sizes is a good measure to take” will insist an Indian man who would prefer to remain anonymous, sex still being a taboo in the other end of the world.