Our manifesto

La Rédaction
4 Juin 2014

In a day and age characterized by digital revolution, we are facing new challenges, and new issues keep coming up again and again. Why would someone do a job that has been criticized for years ? Why try to give journalism a brand new image when there is nothing left but crumbs from giants ? In other words, why keep hoping ?

Our manifesto
We keep hoping both because we are young and because we deeply believe in a much better future than the one depicted everyday by politicians and classic media. We believe in brotherhood and in the power of each one of our correspondents, translators, photographers, and cartoonists. Not to mention the power of our readers who above all wish to break free from the overly-dominant boredom. We trust freedom and independence because the very first goal that journalism set was to bring everyone the information they needed to feel free and independent.  

And yet everything changes rapidly : the world, connections, travel and communications among others cannot wait for anyone. If one loses track, globalization will put them aside. As young and passionate journalists, it is our goal to avoid it. We intend to guide you, help you keep on track, take you by the hand if need be and lead you without smothering you or drowning you in devastating floods of information that most of you have already forgotten, because it does not make sense.  

Now, why have you forgotten them ? You have, because they would tend to favor quantity over quality. You have, because they would be relayed all day long by some editorial staff in search of fame and discussed by speechless columnists not so different from one medium to another. Only leaving a huge blank void.    

Our energy : passion

The goal we set, or at least the mission we are trying to successfully carry out every day is to convey what you cannot grasp, what is being hidden from you, what should you be aware of and remains unknown. You have to be kept informed since you are entitled to. Not only is information the right of somebody standing behind their computer, newspaper, or smartphone ; but it is the right of a people, each one of them on five continents. 

Therefore, we aim to get off the beaten track and bend the rules to resolve this crisis. We want to unveil unseen realities and information that might have ended going out of the window. We want to make you travel like no one has ever traveled before. For you, we aim to look at things differently with a fresh new look. We will try to keep you up-to-date with the many experiences and accounts of our correspondents, whether they be in Germany or in North Korea. We eventually wish to take another road. Though it is likely to be dark and full of twists and turns, we will have to take it, grow and achieve our one and only goal down the road – invent the future. 

Our challenge : invent the future

We want to invent the future to clear the way for freedom of information ; invent the future to take up the greatest and most exciting challenges that will lay before us – the challenges of information and diversification. Consequently, our articles will only have to illustrate one thing – the writer’s loyalty to the reader. 

Our world is changing ; it keeps changing as a man who matures as he gets older. He makes mistakes, gets back on his feet, and continues to go forward.    

This way – to understand our environment – we will endeavor to provide you with reliable information through our strong network of correspondents who will do their utmost to break with the never-ending deluge of information. Favoring quality over quantity will be our Ariadne’s thread. We hope that this gold thread will help us support people to think out of the box instead of leading them astray, to yellow journalism. 

By means of various articles, cartoons, travel journals, and photojournalism, we will show you that news and journalists couldn’t care less about borders. We do our job with the only desire to give you the different views of the world, regardless of the country and the place. 

Our strength : a network of correspondents

Our media is based upon the diversity of its network made up of more than 200 correspondents all over the world. Indeed, reality includes millions of aspects. There is today no sufficient coverage for diversity and it saddens us for the harp of the world that cannot vibrate with just one string. Do not become a compliant copy merged into the dreary daily grind. Since we are threatened by a would-be universal civilization, our media is focused on gaining international recognition and is a further non-rival alternative to old media. All in all, it enables unknown standpoints to echo across the world. 

We wish to add value to this strength through media partnerships in order to better relay the diversity of the news, but also through the support of cultural and political institutions, associations, and NGOs. These partnerships will empower our correspondents as well as our readers to keep up with the future world leaders. Therefore, taking part in the journey that Le Journal International has just started becomes an intense experience that we ought to share together.  

We are therefore a media free from conventions, a media turned to the future. Welcome to the Web 2.0 era – the third way to transmedia storytelling. We are a mobile media whose network full of connected and mutualized initiatives works to bring you the best contextualized information. You may actively take part in international current events by going further and further and exploring the world, out of your comfort zone. Be bold and reinvent yourself! We are the links that we weave and forge. They define us. You must therefore always think out of the box, out of everything. Do not be – become and keep becoming.    

“Our job is to portray the truth with our pen”

Finally, telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is one thing. Yet, we will tell it good, while following the tenets of the man that all journalists quote to defend their professional independence and freedom of speech – Albert Londres. He once said : “I remain convinced that a journalist is not an altar server and that his or her role is not to lead processions, with his or her hand in a rose basket. Our job is neither to give pleasure nor to do harm ; it is to portray the truth with our pen.” Wasn’t it Napoleon Bonaparte who once said : "I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets.” ?