Stallman, The open source guru

Muriel Epailly translated by Marine Betrancourt
14 Mai 2015

Crédit Muriel Epailly
Crédit Muriel Epailly
Richard Stallman, also known as “RMS” for Richard Matthew Stallman, is a activist programmer of open software. He is at the source of the Gnu’s Not Unix syste which he developped in 1984 and lead volunteerly Free Softare Foundation. GNU is free and open software which allows users to modify, share and copy the software. Since 1990, he dedicate most of his time to promote open softwares accross the world. Beyond those years of programming, Richard Stallman as awarded for his work, such as the ACM Grace Hopper Award and the Takeda Award for the improvement of socio-economic conditions, as well as numerous academic distinctions. His name also appears on the Internet Hall of Fame of the biggest web-makers. Today, he earns his life partly thanks to conferences he leads, as for the European Lab 2015.