eRepublik : When Geopolitics go Virtual

Florent T, traduit par Laura-Lise Reymond et Jane Zhang
12 Janvier 2013

Almost five years ago, the company eRepublik Labs invited itself in the world of geopolitics simulation online with « eRepublik ». A virtual parallel universe – where the international politics are far different from ours - eRepublik has captured the attention of 200 000 players all over the world. Zoom in on a French community that has trouble maintaining its existence of “eFrance”, on a shattering world stage.

eRepublik : When Geopolitics go Virtual
The virtual world is at once surprising: Serbia being the first demographic power, Poland the first military power, Macedonia, Chile, Brazil, and Spain among the “nations that count” Top 10. Nevertheless, it represents the balance of power on eRepublik. For five years, this parallel world has existed, structured by the communities which compose it. The players create everything: political, community, economic, and journalistic life. The goal of eRepublik is to be a world where anything is possible.
Some « eNations » have understood the game world very well. They act within and as well as outside of the game, to promote their expansion and dominate a region, alliances or even the whole world. This is the case of Poland, which has been dominating the world above itself, for several years now. With close to 10 000 players, ePoland has established a strong presence in Europe, and uses diplomatic and military strategies to maintain its positions over its enemies, like eFrance. In fact, geopolitics in eRepublik can all be explained by « IRL geopolitics » (In Real Life). Thus, it would prove interesting to compare military conflicts within the game with those of real world history.

And where is France in all of this? Sadly, it ranks among the « mid-power nations ». Yet, its community of 3000 players is fighting hard to bring its blue, white and red patrimony to life by defending against foreign invasions. But with weak firepower and insufficient ranks, it can’t really compete. Nevertheless, the French community is trying hard.

Following the game’s logic of community-based autonomy, the eFrance team organizes itself on a self-created external forum: eRep France, the brain center of the community. Any organization - political, associative, or personal - goes through eRep France, centralizing the initiatives of the community and its political system. With a president elected every five months and a Parliament reelected every 25 (as defined by the game), the elections present a theater of political confrontations between parties that decide national guidelines. Like their “IRL” counterparts, the politicians use all means necessary to lead their party to victory.

Unfortunately, even the best strategies won’t work without a sufficient population. “We really lack citizens, confided a hard-working player of the community. “eFrance can’t compete with the big nations without enough players. Even if the initiatives of the citizens and the government are strong, unless we recruit enough new players, we will stay a second-class nation.”

In a game where everything is possible, we can consider that one day the tide will turn in favor of eFrance. For now, instead of ruling the world, it is best known for its self-destruction and pride.


1.Posté par Tudor le 08/03/2013 11:50
Like the article says, the community makes this game better. Sign up is free: this is my refferrer link, if you use it to sign up I get a small bonus but you can be sure I'll guide you every step of the way.

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